Rubber Vibration Isolation

Increase your equipment’s longevity.

Eliminate vibration. Rubber can reduce noise and increase your product or equipment’s life by lessening mechanical stress.

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One of the key benefits of rubber is how it isolates movement, reducing mechanical stress and preserving the life of your equipment. Vibrational forces play havoc on even the most rigid equipment. Constant movement and wear will affect any units associated with equipment, potentially causing failure at the source or further down the line.

Because of its resiliency, rubber is ideal for shock absorption in equipment that moves around a lot or that creates substantial vibration or noise. The right rubber components can make a powerful difference in noise and vibration levels on machinery. Whether on the shop floor or inside heavy equipment, the smooth operation of machinery is important for worker comfort and health and safety.

Many of RPM’s vibration control products are specifically designed for applications that include electrical motors, diesel engines, fans and blowers, material handling equipment, compressors, measuring instruments, punch presses, lathes and a variety of other industrial equipment.

Ask us about custom design.

We know your timelines and budgets are tight, so we work wisely and efficiently to develop the right product the first time. We also offer cost-effective prototypes and small production runs where needed.

Minimum order size applies to each part.

If you need rubber, we’ll have it. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it. If we can’t find it, we’ll make it.