Sponge Cord

Sponge Cord

Item # Round Corner Diameter Square Cord
NSC-1000-FT 1 in in
NSC-750-FT 0.75 in in
NSC-500-FT 0.5 in 0.5 in
NSC-375-FT 0.375 in 0.375 in
NSC-313-FT 0.313 in in
NSC-250-FT 0.25 in 0.25 in
NSC-188-FT 0.188 in in
NSC-125-FT 0.125 in in

Applications:  Dust Proof Seals, fills voids, weather proofs, dampens sound, isolates vibration and insulates.

Standard Medium Density: SCE41

Available in a wide variety of densities.  Contact our customer service representatives for all available densities.

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