Plain Bore Square Shoulders Grommets

Plain Bore Square Shoulders Grommets

Item # Bore Diameter (A) Groove Width (B) Groove Diameter (C) Outside Diameter (D) Overall Thickness (E)
GRO-0625-07 5/8 in 5/8 in 7/8 in 1 1/16 in 7/8 in
GRO-0375-09 3/8 in 1/8 in 1/2 in 5/8 in 13/32 in
GRO-0313-11 5/16 in 3/8 in 3/8 in 9/16 in 1/2 in

RPM Grommets are available in a variety of sizes to encompass almost any requirement.

Need a grommet for a unique application? No problem. Give us a call - we can produce in a number of different materials: EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone, HNBR, Neoprene, SBR.

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