Square Bumpers

Square Bumpers

Item # Width Height Color
BS-36 GREY 1.00 in .180 in GREY
BS-36 BLACK 1.00 in .180 in BLACK
BS-36 CLEAR 1.00 in .180 in CLEAR
BS-19 CLEAR .810 in .300 in CLEAR
BS-19 GREY .810 in .300 in GREY
BS-19 BROWN .810 in .300 in BROWN
BS-19 BLACK .810 in .300 in BLACK
BS-19 WHITE .810 in .300 in WHITE
BS-04 GREY .780 in .380 in GREY
BS-04 CLEAR .780 in .380 in CLEAR
BS-04 BLACK .780 in .380 in BLACK
BS-29 BROWN .780 in .250 in BROWN
BS-29 BLACK .780 in .250 in BLACK
BS-29 CLEAR .780 in .250 in CLEAR
BS-03 CLEAR .500 in .230 in CLEAR
BS-03 GREY .500 in .230 in GREY
BS-03 BROWN .500 in .230 in BROWN
BS-03 BLACK .500 in .230 in BLACK
BS-03 WHITE .500 in .230 in WHITE
BS-32 GREY .500 in .120 in GREY
BS-32 BROWN .500 in .120 in BROWN
BS-32 BLACK .500 in .120 in BLACK
BS-32 WHITE .500 in .120 in WHITE
BS-32 CLEAR .500 in .120 in CLEAR
BS-20 CLEAR .400 in .100 in CLEAR
BS-20 GREY .400 in .100 in GREY
BS-20 BROWN .400 in .100 in BROWN
BS-20 BLACK .400 in .100 in BLACK
BS-20 WHITE .400 in .100 in WHITE
SJ-5023 0.81 in 0.3 in Black|White|Grey|Brown|Clear|Semi-Transparent
SJ-5018 1/2 in 0.23 in Black|White|Grey|Brown|Clear|Semi-Transparent
SJ-5008 1/2 in 0.12 in Black|White|Grey|Brown|Clear|Semi-Transparent
RPM Self Adhesive Bumpers are made of a permanently resilient polyurethane polymer formulated especially for its unique high coefficient of friction, non-slip, non-marring features. An aggressive synthetic rubber, high tack, pressure sensitive adhesive protected with an easy release liner makes application fast and easy.

* High Performance Acrylic Adhesive available on request.

* Also available in BLACK, BROWN, GREY, WHITE and CLEAR. Custom Colors on request.


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