Single Cup Lifters

Single Cup Lifters

Item # Cup Size Number of Cups Handle Size
SCL-6472 4 in 1 18 in
SCL-6471 4 in 1 15 in
SCL-6470 4 in 1 12 in
SCL-6469 3 1/4 in 1 18 in
SCL-6468 3 1/4 in 1 15 in
SCL-6467 3 1/4 in 1 12 in
SCL-6466 2 1/8 in 1 18 in
SCL-6465 2 1/8 in 1 15 in
SCL-6464 2 1/8 in 1 12 in
  • Grip and hold oiled or dry sheet metal glass, plastics, and other smooth surfaces
  • Keeps operators hands safely away from hazards and releases parts quickly
  • Speed production work as much as 25% increase efficiency of operator
  • Pistol-grip design allows easy, positive, holding even with bulky work gloves
  • Eliminate costly damage to stock material
  • All metal parts are precision made for extra durability.

Safety programs require punch press operators to use a hand tool when feeding or removing work from the die, to avoid placing hands within the point of operation. We offer a full range of tools specifically designed for punch press use. They improve operator confidence, increase production up to 25% and cut down breakage.

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