Dynaflex® Couplings

For Low Frequency Vibration Isolation and Misalignment Accommodation

Compact, one-piece flexible couplings economically constructed to isolate low-frequency vibration and accommodate multi-directional misalignment.

Large Selection of Standard Sizes

Fractional horsepower couplings are available in a range of sizes to permit matching a specific coupling to your application.

Standard Construction :

  • Hubs - steel
  • Bores - as listed
  • Set Screws - one per hub furnished but not installed
  • Flexing Element - neoprene
  • Compact, one-piece coupling construction is convenient for small equipment with fractional horsepower requirements. Torsional deflection at rated torque assures excellent vibration isolation. Specified torque rating allows 15° angular deflection for excellent vibration isolation.

    Max. recommended Misalignments-1/32 in. parallel, 2° angular.

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