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RPM Mechanical's vibration isolator foot mount is specifically designed to isolate noise and vibration in a simple to use and easy to install package.  A very economical way to isolate vibration to help protect sensitive equipment, it's simple design provides excellent isolation while reducing assembling time.

Available in a variety of sizes.  Contact our sales staff if you do not see the size you require, this product is also available in other materials on request.


  • D (in)
  • Thread Size M6
  • Durometer 57
  • Elastomer Natural Rubber
  • H (in) 0.79
  • H (mm)
  • L (in) 0.59
  • L (mm)
  • Thread Type Metric
  • Height (in) 0.79
  • Length (in) 0.59
  • Length (mm)
  • Product Type
  • Manufacturer RPM Mechanical Inc
  • Depth (in) 0.79
  • Depth (mm)
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