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  • Product Type Mounts
  • Manufacturer Lord Corporation
  • Type II
  • Max. Axial Load Rating 50 lbs
    222 N
  • Max. Axial Deflection 0.25 in
    6.4 mm
  • A 1 in
  • C 3.69 in
  • D 4.5 in
  • E 2.75 in
  • F 1.56 in
    39.6 mm
  • G 0.59 in
    15 mm
  • H 0.41 in
  • Frequency 600
  • Weight 0.25 lbs/ft
    0.1 kg
  • Material
Lord Machinery Mounts are designed to support heavy equipment and isolate intermittent or continuous vibration.
The result is greater machine accuracy, longer service life, smoother operation and reduced maintenance.
These mounts are available in four types to suit different needs.

Chan-L™ Mounts are recommended for machines where vertical disturbing frequencies are 600 cpm or higher.
Their elastomer-supported channel design features a soft vertical spring rate.
The design incorporates built-in protection against metal-to-metal bottoming.
Typical applications include separating and grading screens and shakeouts.
Provides opening for 3/8" (9.5mm) hex or square head bolt.
One hole centered in each side of mount top plate.

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