Off-Highway Electric Vehicles
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As off-highway electric vehicle (OHEV) adoption continues to grow globally in industries such as construction, agriculture, and mining, several recent reports have forecast increasingly lucrative potential for this market.

As an experienced OEM currently building partnerships with developers and manufacturers in the OHEV field, RPM has been granted a front-row seat to this industry's burgeoning development.

We sat down with RPM’s Vice President, Mike McNeil, and asked him some questions to learn firsthand what he’s been hearing from customers and interested parties looking towards the future of the OHEV space.

Watch video clips below to learn more about both the present and future of OHEV development.


Meet Mike McNeil, RPM’s Vice President, and learn about specific areas in the electric vehicle market customers are starting to inquire about and how RPM has a solution to keep OHEV protected.

What are Off-Highway Electric Vehicles?

There's a lot of interest in making changes for a greener planet. One of those ways is electrifying traditional off-highway machinery powered by diesel engines. 

Protecting Battery Trays in OHEV

The battery tray or battery system is the most critical component that's susceptible to external noise and vibration. In this video, we discuss different methods for protecting those important components in these off-highway electric vehicles. 

Key Differences in Protecting an Electric Drive Motor vs. an Internal Combustion Engine

The electric drive motor is a bit different from the traditional internal combustion engine or diesel engine. Learn what those key differences are and how you can protect them from the external environment.

Unique Challenges When Protecting Off-Highway Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicles have a lot more electronic components, which also means a lot more sensors that allow the vehicle to operate. Learn the ways they are treated differently to avoid the shock and vibration of the external environment. 

What is the future of Off-Highway Electric Vehicles?

Mike McNeil, RPM’s Vice President, discusses his take on the future of off-highway electric vehicles and what he finds exciting about the gradual transition from a fossil-fueled-based economy to a more renewable side.