Why Rubber?

Most people are unaware of all the amazing benefits of rubber products. Even the smallest components can make a big difference in equipment or product longevity, mobility, comfort, safety and even aesthetics.

We make it our business to know about everything rubber can do. We believe in this material’s benefits and have made it our mission to source and supply the largest range of products that are made with it.

Equipment Longevity

Designed for your specific application

Vibrational forces play havoc on even the most rigid equipment. Constant movement and wear will affect any units associated, potentially causing failure at the source or further down the line. Rubber isolates movement, reduces mechanical stress and preserves the life of your equipment. Our Vibration Control Products are specifically designed for applications that include electrical motors, diesel engines, fans and blowers, material handling equipment, compressors, measuring instruments, punch presses, lathes and a variety of other industrial equipment.

Operator Comfort

Minimize sound and vibration

The right rubber components can make a powerful difference in noise and vibration levels on machinery. Whether on the shop floor or inside heavy equipment, the smooth operation of machinery is important for worker comfort and health and safety. With the growing trend to use heavy equipment cabs as high-tech work spaces, minimizing sound and vibration can be crucial to meeting day-to-day demands.

Low Cost

A perfect fit every time

Rubber parts, whether standard stock or custom, are generally a low cost component in terms of material cost and manufacturing ease. More importantly, in terms of the critical function they serve for products and equipment, their relative cost is miniscule. A small rubber grommet could effectively be the critical component preventing an equipment failure, potential lateral damage and costly plant downtime. A properly fitted bushing could be the difference between thousands of happy customers and a devastating product recall.

Design Versatility

Any shape, size, color or material

With the many molding, extrusion and bonding techniques, the possibilities for rubber parts – in shape, size, color and materials – is virtually limitless. The process from initial concept to finished product is relatively quick and low cost, and with the added expertise from RPM customer service representative, designing the part that will perfectly address your needs is always achievable.


With RPM rubber products you have the assurance that your equipment and products will operate smoothly with properly fitting rubber parts, and your business will have the competitive advantage of a smooth, trouble-free operation.

If you need rubber, we’ll have it. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it. If we can’t find it, we’ll make it.