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Rubber Utilization in the Construction Industry


Construction accounts for about 4.3% of the total GDP in 2020, which makes it the 10th largest industry in the United States. While this may seem small, the industry is projected to grow a considerable amount, especially within the residential construction sector.

Construction projects are time-sensitive. When equipment breaks down for repairs and replacements, it creates unwanted downtime. To minimize this problem as much as possible, OEMs should take advantage of custom molded rubber parts that can help protect equipment from damage. 

Construction companies don’t want equipment that they have to repair often. They want machinery that is durable, efficient and increases productivity. 

Continue reading to learn more about the utilization of custom molded rubber products in construction equipment and trends in the industry. 

To achieve this, get in touch with the experts at RPM Industrial Rubber Parts. Our team knows exactly how to optimize rubber mounts to bring your product to its maximum potential. 

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Construction Equipment and Rubber Parts

According to Allied Market Research, the construction equipment market is expected to grow 4.3% in the next five years, increasing from $184 million to $261 million. This means it is more important than ever that OEMs are manufacturing equipment using the best materials. 

There is a variety of construction equipment used in the industry. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Backhoe
  • Graders
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Pile driving machine
  • Wheel loader
  • Trenchers
  • Compactors

Each of these machines uses custom molded rubber parts. From engine mounts to suspension systems, rubber parts help maintain efficiency and improve uptime. If you’d like to learn more about why engine mounts are so important, take a look at our blog: 5 Benefits of Rubber Engine Mounts.


Current Issues in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has seen major difficulties in the past few years, but things are starting to look up once again. The common result of supply chain and related issues is downtime. As anyone who works in the construction industry knows, downtime is money lost. 

One of the biggest construction problems is the material shortage. In a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 43% of participants reported that all twenty-four of the materials listed in the survey were in short supply and at least 70% of participants reported that a dozen of the materials were in short supply. Some of these materials include plywood, appliances, copper wiring, and lumber. 

An additional problem that the construction industry is facing is labor shortages. In a second survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, a record share of NAHB members report labor shortages. Over 55% of homebuilders reported shortages in sixteen different construction trades, the largest shortage being in carpentry.

With both material and labor shortages, it is crucial that equipment is ready to go. Custom molded rubber parts,

such as mounts, can reduce repairs and breakdowns by protecting crucial components in high-vibration areas.

Top Construction Trends

The construction industry is in a constant ebb and flow. It both impacts and is impacted by other industries. Because of this, new trends are constantly emerging. As the need for construction increases and new technologies are introduced into equipment, it is imperative that machinery is equipped for longevity and productivity. 

Construction Engine Mount

Construction Worker Safety Technology

According to OSHA, about 20% of all worker fatalities in 2019 were in construction. This is an alarming number that has led to an increase in investment into construction site safety. One way that manufacturers are improving construction safety with technology is through smart sensors. These sensors are placed on hard hats and construction vests and alert both the wearer and others if something is amiss. For example, it can detect carbon monoxide or alert the wearer to equipment headed towards them. 

Many construction workers also deal with long-term chronic pain from operating machines and vehicles. Exposure to vibration is one of the biggest health risks in construction. One way to avoid this is by properly dampening shock through vibration control products. These parts isolate components that emit high frequencies, such as engines. The result is a quieter, more comfortable environment that will improve worker productivity. 

Residential Construction Growth

Most likely, if you drive around your town, you will spot all sorts of new developments. Homebuyers are becoming more and more interested in purchasing custom-built homes in planned developments. New home construction statistics show that residential building permits have increased by 36% in the last two years. 

To keep up with this growing demand, construction companies are going to look for high-quality equipment that will increase production rather than slow it down. Get in touch with our team at RPM Industrial Rubber Parts to learn more about how we can take your equipment to the next level:

construction workings planning with laptop


Autonomous Construction Equipment

Implementing robotics in technology sounds like a futuristic idea. Autonomous construction equipment is designed to help protect workers and to increase productivity. Users of this new technology have reported that workers are more comfortable and feel more confident doing their job. 

Without operators in the cab, it may seem that using isolating rubber parts is not necessary. The truth is that these crucial parts are just as necessary. Precision equipment, such as drills, are more commonly turned into autonomous machines. To ensure accurate results, manufacturers need to reduce shock frequencies as much as possible. This is just one reason why it is so important to understand vibration isolation theory.


automating construction


RPM: Reliable Rubber Manufacturing for Construction OEMs

These days, efficiency is the name of the game. Construction companies look for manufacturers who produce quality equipment built to last. This means that OEMs need a partner in rubber manufacturing. 

At RPM Industrial Rubber Parts, we have a team of engineers who are ready to show you how rubber parts can seriously improve your product. Whether you need custom fabricated parts or are looking for a standard component, we have got your back.

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