Vibration Buffer

Vibration Buffer

Item # Elastomer D H Thread Size L Durometer Thread Type
VKP-165195 Natural Rubber 6.5 in
165 mm
7.68 in
195 mm
M16 1.77 in
45 mm
57 Metric
VKP-115136 Natural Rubber 4.53 in
115 mm
5.35 in
136 mm
M16 1.69 in
43 mm
57 Metric
VKP-7589 Natural Rubber 2.96 in
75 mm
3.5 in
89 mm
M12 1.46 in
37 mm
57 Metric
VKP-5067 Natural Rubber 1.97 in
50 mm
2.64 in
67 mm
M8 1.42 in
36 mm
57 Metric
VKP-5058 Natural Rubber 1.97 in
50 mm
2.28 in
58 mm
M10 1.3 in
33 mm
57 Metric
VKP-3036 Natural Rubber 1.18 in
30 mm
1.42 in
36 mm
M6 0.79 in
20 mm
57 Metric
VKP-2024 Natural Rubber 0.79 in
20 mm
0.94 in
24 mm
M6 0.71 in
18 mm
57 Metric

RPM Mechanical's vibration Buffer isolator's are designed to protect structures and equipment from impact forces.  They are usually fitted as non-metallic stops or incorported in vehicle suspension systems to provide progressive stiffening under increasing load.

Typical Applications:  Off-Road vehicles, Stop Bump Applications, Impact Bumpers, Cranes, Handling equipment etc

Available in a variety of sizes.  Contact our sales staff if you do not see the size you require, this product is also available in other materials on request.

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